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For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Our investments facilitate the sale and transition of established businesses from one generation of entrepreneurs to the next.

Protect your legacy.

Transition, your way.

Receive fair value.

Selling your business is never easy. But it is easier when it's sold to the right person.

Nearly $2 trillion worth of small businesses will trade hands over the next five years. Maple Tree Capital is led by entrepreneurs who are passionate about taking a hands-on approach towards building on the success of previous owners. We ensure that the preceding generation's legacy is strengthened and continues for the long term.


What We Offer

We offer a flexible and transparent approach towards designing a transaction structure that works for you. MTC is a partner first. We aim to be the long-term owner of your business while bringing the same level of care and work ethic that you established for generations to come.   

Transaction Flexibility

We will design a transaction that works for you. Whether it's cashing out or retaining some equity, we work with you to create a structure that meets your specific objectives.

A Focused Process

Diligence is important for both parties. We spend time on the key areas of your business rather than sending over a laundry list that distracts you from your day job.

Market-Based Valuations

Our process is transparent. We leverage relevant market comparables to make fair offers with none of the hidden tricks or surprises that financial buyers sometimes use.

Continuity and Care for your Team

We work with your existing team to plan for the future and execute on strategies to grow the business. Talent retention and employee advancement are keys to our success.  

Grow your legacy by selling your business to another driven entrepreneur.

At MTC, we are passionate about Canadian small businesses. Our active management and deep culture of integrity, transparency and collaboration makes us a strong partner. 

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Real operators with proven success


Long-term vision with no time horizon


Focus on value creation and organic growth

Companies We've Backed & Our Strategic Advisors 

MTC has been involved in a number of successful transactions in transitioning ownership from one entrepreneur to the next. We've seen strong results across industries, proving the strength of our model and ability to partner with owners. MTC is also backed by accomplished strategic advisors made up of similarly driven entrepreneurs.


Thinking About Selling Your Business?
We Have an Entrepreneur Ready.

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